TUN美國聯邦存款保險公司,依據1935/09/11日海牙法院判決八國聯軍賠償款及八大工業國收入總存款債權資金,有效解決國際金融危機政策,發行三年期定期存款,世界銀行300委員會成員銀行及BIS成員央行及民間私人都可定存, 官方三年期定期存款美金壹佰萬元以上,本定存單不得解約, 三年到期本息可債務平倉美金参佰玖拾萬元, TUN指定收款銀行指定帳戶:台灣銀行 苗栗分行

帳號:029007541597,收到定期存款,TUN立即將存款人基本資料,開立TUN-ATM三年期定期存款專用帳戶, 依據定期存款,三年本息所得額度撥入存款人帳戶,國家央行三年期定期存款上限, 依據國家債務為限,國家無債務禁止参加「有效解決國際金融危機政策」三年期定期存款政策。

TUN United States Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, according to the Hague court decision 1935/09/11 ruling the eight countries army compensation and eight industrial countries total income creditor's rights funds, effectively solve the international financial crisis policy, and issue a three-year time deposit. The World Bank 300 Committee members Bank and BIS members of the Central Bank and Personal can be deposited, the official three-year time deposit of US dollars one million or more. This deposit shall not be relieved. The three-year Principal and Interest can be open to the debt US dollars Three Million Nine Hundred Thousand, TUN will specify the receiving bank and appoint the account: Taiwan Bank Miaoli Branch

Account Name: Tsai Fugui蔡富貴
Account: 029007541597, receive timed cash deposit (CD), TUN will immediately deposit the basic information of the depositors, open TUN-ATM triennial time deposit account, the amount of the three-year principal and interest is credited to the depositor's account three-year fixed deposit limit central banks, time deposits are subject to the country debt and countries with no debt are prohibited to participate in the "effective settlement of the international financial crisis policy" three-year time deposit policy. All instruction translations are based on Chinese. Translate as necessary for understanding.